AgriExplorer Modules

Agriexplorer Field by Field Management

Agriexplorer Field by Field Management recognize GPS position within any of your fields or farms automatically and online. This allows registration and control the progress and quality of any labor field by field in real-time.


Example of track and quality. Labor done under quality standards is marked in green tracks while labor done with pour quality is marked in red tracks. Agriexplorer Field by Field Management offers graphics where labors quality, states and work hours are rapidly and simply shown for each machine.


Exhaustive reports are automatically delivered with labor information field by field, day by day and machine by machine. These statistics may be consulted via webpage or as PDF reports.


Statistics can be downloaded as Excel files in order to filter information and to write customized reports. In addition, full data can be downloaded including geographic information in order to visualize it in GIS software (Google Earth, Q-Gis, ArcGis, MapInfo, etc.). Agriexplorer Field by Field Management sends a daily mail listing labor progress so clients stay updated.

Objectives & Uses Summary:
  • Machines control during labor
  • Online machinery exact position
  • Online labor progress in every field
  • Actual planted area in every field
  • Daily states and tracks of machinery
  • Work Speed at any position of the field
  • Machinery and labor Operational Capacity (hectares worked per hour/week/moth)
  • Amount of time in every state (working, idle moving, off)
  • Remaining time of work estimated on the basis of machine operational capacity
  • Register of every labor done within field or farm to future queries