AgriExplorer Modules

AgriExplorer Weather

AgriExplorer Weather links to a weather station of any brand. It allows to know under what actual weather conditions (wind speed, temperature and moisture) machines are working. This system uses an exclusive methodology to evaluate weather condition under international standards. Spray droplet evaporation speed is estimated using NASA algorithms.

AgriExplorer Weather is ideal to control and evaluate aerial and ground sprayers as its maximize results and avoid negative impacts on the environment.

AgriExplorer Weather includes a device which indicates in the machine cab the actual weather condition: Green lights for optimum weather condition, yellow lights for under-optimum weather conditions and red light for non acceptable conditions.


AgriExplorer Weather generates exhaustive reports of the weather condition during application field by field so clients may evaluate and control labors with objective information.


Objectives & Uses Summary:
  • All company’s weather stations information in one system
  • Any Ground and Aerial Sprayers linked to weather conditions
  • Weather Condition real-time control and certification during applications
  • To know under what weather conditions applications were made in any part of the field
  • Non-acceptable-weather-condition application Alarms
  • Quantify hectares under non-acceptable-weather-condition application
  • Register of every labor done within field or farm and their weather condition to future queries


Reports (day by day, field by field and machine by machine)
  • Total hectares applied within the field
  • Start and End hours
  • High-Speed applied hectares
  • Non acceptable temperature condition applied hectares
  • Non acceptable moisture condition applied hectares
  • Non acceptable thermal inversion condition applied hectares
  • High evaporation sprayer droplet condition applied hectares
  • Non acceptable weather condition applied hectares
  • Weather parameters (maximum, minimum and average) during applications