Very High Resolution

Two satellites are part Pléiades constellation (1A & 1B) supplying of very high spatial and temporal º1 resolution products.

Main features:

  • Daily Revisit
  • 50cm Panchromatic resolution
  • 2m Multispectral resolution
  • 50cm Pansharpened Multispectral resolution
  • 20-km ground footprint at nadir
  • Daily Mosaic up to 100km x 100km of Region of Interest
  • Catalogue and Tasking available Imagery
  • Minimum of 25km2, ideal for low cost analysis on small areas

Spectral Bandwidth

  • 1: 430 – 550 nm (Blue)
  • 2: 490 – 610 nm (green)
  • 3: 600 – 720 nm (red)
  • 4: 750 – 950 nm (near infrared)
  • panchromatic: 480 – 830 nm (black & white)
Delivery Time

Pléiades data can be available on your desktop in shortest time.

  • Acquisition time less than a day on any part of the planet in case of a natural crisis or catastrophe
  • Daily supervision
  • The tasking plan is updated three times a day to allow for last minute, urgent requests
  • Increased chances of acquisition without cloud cover as Pléiades constellation revisits any point of the globe daily.



Pléiades image: Berlin Airport, Germany, 2014.