Labor Quality Management

LQM Dashboard

GeoAgris generates technical reports on labors and LQM Dashboard. LQM Dashboards helps clients to evaluate quality of labors based on LQM Systems implemented aside them.


LQM Dashboard analyze data captured during labors by:

  • Grain Yield Sensor
  • Planting Sensor
  • On-board Computers:
    • Ground Sprayers
    • Aerial Sprayer
    • Fertilizer
  • AgriExplorer Telemetry Devices installed on any type of machine

Once data is received by our laboratory, reports are available within 24 hours. Maps and statistics are added to on-line LQM Dashboards where clients may read:

  • Labor Progress (worked hectares per field)
  • Labor Quality
    • Under and Over Applied Dose
    • Working Speed
    • Overlapping, omission, drift
  • Machine Operative capacity and tasks completion.


Maps may be visualized on handheld computers or Smartphone with GPS signal. They are used to check areas with overlapping, omission, drift, high working speed, over or under applied dose problems.

Our clients optimize and formalize field harvesting control increasing operative capacity and control over the rest of agricultural labors.