Field Trials

GeoAgris perform field trials, providing necessary counseling with strict scientific principles and practical application.

We use Precision Agriculture and Geostatistics techniques to achieve:

  • Minimum experimental error design and location due to environment variability.
  • Automatic collection of field information, minimizing time and necessary resources.
  • Detection of significant differences which might not be detected with traditional methods and design by modeling spatial patterns in statistics analysis.
  • Knowledge of interactions between crop’s behavior and different productive zones within fields.



Methods and techniques used in field trials have been developed aside important research units as Quantitative Methods and Information Systems Department of the School of Agriculture of the University of Buenos Aires or Environment Studies Group of the Applied Mathematics Institute of the San Luis University.

Among research lines, the following projects stand out:

  • Fertilizer use efficiency
  • Plant density respond
  • Row spacing planting
  • Water table depth prediction and effect on crops



Expertise gain in field trials allow GeoAgris to quantify the effects of treatments on yield within productive zones. This distinguishes our methods from other common decision-making model based on averages.