About GeoAgris

GeoAgris is forerunner in the development of geographic information technologies for agricultural production. GeoAgris operates in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia alongside important companies which trust our council when they incorporate new technologies to optimize production or evaluate new lands and opportunities.
GeoAgris projects are carried out on several crops (corn, soybean, sugar cane, cotton, wheat, sunflower among others) using different solutions.
GeoAgris professional staff consist of experts from different work areas as Agronomy, IT, edaphology and statistics. Therefore, GeoAgris is committed to academic environment and scientific research.


GeoAgris carries out researches aim to the development of productive innovations. Its involvement with distinguished academic institutions such as Quantitative Methods and Information Systems Department of the School of Agriculture of the University of Buenos Aires or Environment Studies Group of the Applied Mathematics Institute of the San Luis University, is essential to achieve this goal.

GeoAgris has conducted 4 research projects granted by National Agency of Science and Technology Promotion. The achieved developments has been included in GeoAgris commercial services. GeoAgris staff participates in academic activities by giving courses such as GIS for Precision Agriculture from Postgraduate School of the Agriculture School of the Buenos Aires University or directing scientific thesis. The results achieved by the researches that GeoAgris has conducted are published or presented in scientific congresses (AgroInformática, Argentinean Informatics Society) or other congresses (AAPRESID, INTA, CREA, among others).

Mission, vision & Values


To be the most experienced and important Precision Agriculture company dedicated to the gathering, organization y analysis of spatial information.


To develop and insert innovative spatial information technology in order to aid our clients in management, knowledge and decision-making to increase profits, sustainability and operational capacity of their agricultural production systems both national and international level.


Excellence. We offer products and services developed with the strictest scientific principles and highest quality processes. We stand out for the quality of our works. In our analysis, we work aside with the highest qualified professionals.

Innovation. We incorporate the last breakthroughs in information analysis and apply them in production systems in a practical way. We innovate in services for our clients as in internal processes.

Collaboration. We encourage knowledge exchange within our work team, with our clients and with our providers in order to improve quality our solutions.

Knowledge. Staff’s know-how is one our most valuable assets and we encourage their constant training as self-improvement. We conduct researches in technologies and methods related to GeoAgris processes.

Long-Lasting Relationships. We develop long-lasting relationships between our clients which enable to create long-term and confident interaction with them.

Synergy. We combine every work team member, client or consultant knowledge and skills achieving a greater productivity than the sum of the parts.

Teamwork. Direct communication and teamwork is highly appreciated. We are open to any proposal to improve quality and working environment that our work team member could make.

Environmental Responsibility. Our analysis and technologies aims to minimize the negative impact of agriculture on ecosystems.